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[Fri.07.09 - 5.02pm]

I am so damn late.

SELLING POST [Sat.07.09 - 12.02am]

Selling post;
Prices can possibly be negotiable.
email at sugarsulk@hotmail.com
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[Sat.02.09 - 12.06am]
[ mood | sick ]

Today is ... eventful (: 
ahahahaha so many things happened in such a short period of time.
I like it when this happens, haahah means I have no time to stop and think about misery or shit like that.

My story is too long to say, hahaa I just wna like drop dead.
HAHAHA :D Rockafella was better than expected (: 
& I think I just found reasons to not hate school anymore :D

yay me.


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